Ways to become unstuck

I've always dreaded feeling stuck. I feel antsy, anxious and like I should (and need) to be doing something to keep up with everyone around me.

I feel indecisive, and unable to contribute or show up as I would like. But the hardest part of being stuck is knowing when, and how to become unstuck.

One of Peter Shepherd's recent Noodle Scratchers, Fill in the blanks, questions where you are right now, where you want to be, and prompts you to consider how you can get there. Two prompts stuck out to me:

  • I currently feel stuck
  • 16 ways I could get unstuck are

Whether you're feeling stuck on a project you're working on, a relationship with a friend, or stuck knowing what to do with yourself after a pandemic, Pete's prompts are a great place to start - and whilst you're over there, I implore you to check out the rest of his posts.