Purpose ebbs and flows

After good ol' COVID-19 showed up, I've come to realise how context-dependent purpose can be.

The biggest indicator of that for me was seeing how my priorities have shifted over the last 12 months. When circumstances change - when my goals and aspirations are put on hold - I think it's natural to re-evaluate what is meaningful and what brings value.

For me, that meant looking at what I thought was my purpose. I realised that my purpose (or what I loved doing) had served me for that period of time. And now as things have changed, as I have changed, it's okay for me to let go of parts of that purpose and figure out what the next iteration of my purpose is.

It's okay to go through stages of feeling driven by your purpose, and it's equally okay to be in a holding pattern until you start to grasp that next version of who you want to be and what you want to achieve.